What Is Conscious Sourcing: A Mindful Approach to Crystal Procurement


In the realm of crystal and metaphysical shops, the term "ethically sourced" is often thrown around. But here at Souly of the Earth, we believe in a different approach. We choose to refer to our sourcing practices as conscious sourcing, and in this article, we aim to shed light on what that truly means.

Conscious Sourcing vs Ethical Sourcing

While the term "ethically sourced" may sound appealing, claiming it requires being directly involved in the mining process. As a retailer, we do not mine the crystals we sell, which means we cannot fully evaluate their ethicality. We cannot provide a 100% guarantee that there are no underlying issues like child labor, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, or environmental exploitation.

However, what we can assure our valued customers is that we prioritize conscious sourcing. We engage in proactive conversations and establish strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure the crystals that reach you have been sourced as ethically as possible.

No False Claims, Only Honesty

Transparency is vital to us, which is why we refrain from making false claims. We refuse to state that our crystals are 100% ethically sourced when we cannot provide complete certainty. Offering the truth, though it may not always be what customers want to hear, is important to us.

Instead, we proudly declare that our crystals are 100% consciously sourced. This means that we work diligently with a heightened awareness of all the complexities in the world. We consider the well-being of both the planet and the people involved in the crystal trade to the best of our ability.

Mindful Collaboration with Suppliers

Conscious sourcing goes beyond a mere transactional relationship. We establish deep connections with our suppliers, working together to ensure ethical practices are followed throughout the supply chain. By engaging in mutual conversations and understanding the challenges faced by the mining industry, we actively contribute to positive change.

Support for Local Communities

By consciously sourcing our crystals, we can actively support local communities. We prioritize suppliers who implement fair trade practices, ensuring that the people who extract and process these precious minerals receive fair compensation for their hard work. Through our sourcing decisions, we aim to create a positive impact on the communities and families involved in the crystal trade.

The Importance of Caring Consumers

None of our efforts would matter without the support and appreciation of our customers. By choosing to adopt our consciously sourced crystals, you demonstrate your care for the world we live in and the individuals who contribute to the crystal industry. Your conscious choices create a ripple effect, encouraging others to follow suit and promoting sustainable practices across various sectors.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference by choosing our consciously sourced crystals. Your support means the world to us, and together, we can make a brighter and more ethically conscious future.


Conscious sourcing is our commitment to you, the planet, and the people involved in the crystal trade. While we cannot provide absolute certainty when it comes to ethical sourcing, we take a mindful approach to ensure our crystals uphold the highest ethical standards possible. By prioritizing open communication with our suppliers and actively supporting local communities, we strive to make a positive impact on the industry. With your support, we can continue to promote conscious consumption and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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