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Souly of the Earth

Gentle Gem Fluorite Ring

Gentle Gem Fluorite Ring

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This gorgeous Green Fluorite Ring is the perfect addition to your collection. Crafted in a classic oval design and featuring a shimmering Pale Green Fluorite, this ring is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Not only does Fluorite promote clarity and heighten focus, but its gentle hue radiates an inviting, calming energy. Whether you’re looking to hit the refresh button on your day-to-day life or just looking for a piece of jewelry with a bit of symbolism, this Fluorite ring is the perfect accessory for those who value the mind-body connection above all else. Wear it and you’ll be reminded of how clear and focused you can stay no matter the circumstances.

Quantity: 1 ring

Stone: Fluorite

Color: Transparent Pale Green

Product Type: Ring

Metal: s925 Sterling Silver

Details: Adjustable

Dimensions: 1 centimeter on average

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